What Rights Do Workers Have Under OSHA

You have the right to a safe workplace. OSHA requires employers to provide a workplace that is free of serious recognized hazards and in compliance with OSHA Standards.

As employee, the right you have as below.

• A safe and healthful workplace.
• Know about hazardous chemicals.
• Ask your employer for information about OSHA standards, worker injuries and illnesses, workplace hazards, and worker rights.
• To ask for your employer about your safety and health hazards in the workplace, use of chemicals, workplace your employer for measuring chemicals, noise and radiation level test, you should take preventive measures, and when you or other employees should follow the procedures of information in an accident or exposure to hazardous chemicals or other toxic substances.
• You can ask your employer to correct hazards, even if they do not violate specific OSHA standards. Be sure to keep a copy of any hazard correction requests you make to your employer.
• Get training from your employer about the chemicals you are exposed to during your work and how to protect yourself from harm. Employers must establish a comprehensive written hazard communication plan (Chemical Hazard Communication) Your employer must label chemical containers, provide employees with material safety data sheets containing detailed hazard information, And train you on the health effects of the chemicals you use and what your employer is doing and what you can do to protect yourself from those hazards.
•Get training from your employer on various other health and safety hazards and standards that your employer must comply with [PDF]. These include locked signs, blood-borne pathogens, confined Spaces, building hazards and a variety of other topics.
• Hazard exposure and medical records
• If you believe your workplace has a serious workplace hazard or violation of standards, file a complaint and ask OSHA for an inspection. You can lodge a complaint online, in writing, by phone or by fax. If you would like an OSHA inspector to inspect your workplace, please make your complaint in writing and send it to your nearest OSHA office.
• Participate in an OSHA inspection.
• Be free from retaliation for exercising safety and health rights.

The OSH Act does not create a private right of action that would allow employees to sue you for injuries caused by your violation of the Act or OSHA standards. On the other hand, the OSH Act does not affect state workers’ compensation laws, nor does it preclude a suit by an employee based on any rights created by state statutes or common law. Evidence of OSHA violations may be admissible as evidence in such a suit.

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